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When is a Roof Coating the Best Option?

June 17, 2021

Roof recoating is the process of going over a flat commercial roof with a new layer of silicone—a facelift, if you will, to an existing roof. While a recoat can give your building a new lease on life, it’s not a magic bullet for a seriously ailing roof. To coat or not to coat? Here are some factors to take into consideration. 

Roof Recoating: The Perfect Candidate

Is your roof starting to get up there in years—perhaps even up to 15—but not necessarily on its last legs? Is it looking a little tired but still doing its most important job of staying watertight and dry? If so, you can take the proactive measure of getting it coated now and possibly add up to another 15 years to its life! When you consider that the average professionally installed roof lasts for 20 years and a professionally installed coating for 15, you can extend the total age of your original roof to 30 with a much smaller investment than a total replacement. Roofs that have been professionally installed, regularly maintained, and functioning without any leaks, shrinkage, or other major issues, are great candidates for a recoat.

Got a Roof Like This? Rethink That Recoat!

If your roof is presenting with any of the following problems, it is time to talk about replacement, not a recoat:

  • Leaks
  • Standing or pooling water
  • Shrinking
  • Loose fastening
  • Seams pulling apart
  • Wet insulation or substrate 

Putting a recoat over a damaged roof is like slapping a drugstore band-aid over a serious wound. The problem may be out of sight temporarily, but eventually, the damage will get worse, placing the integrity of your entire building at risk as you operate with a false sense of security that things are “fixed.” 

Is a Recoat Worth It?

If your roof passes the “good candidate” test, then yes, a recoat is certainly worth it! At half the price of a new roof, but lasting 75% as long, a recoat is an excellent investment. It’s much more convenient for you and your company, too. A recoat doesn’t require a permit, uses much less labor, and causes few, if any, disruptions to your operations. It is also easy to repair.

A recoat is not a magic bullet, but it is a tool, and when applied under the appropriate circumstances, makes good sense for your building. Talk to Technique Roofing today to see how a recoat can give your commercial roof a boost! 

Call Technique Roofing to inspect your roof and let us help you decide your next step for the life of your roof.

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