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Securing Your Roof Before and After a Storm

April 29, 2021

The Midwest is known for its wild weather, and with spring upon us, you can pretty much count on major storms brewing for the next several months. You don’t have to resign yourself to the elements, however. With preparation, you can prevent many weather-related incidents and regain control when hail, wind, or water threaten to overtake your roof.

Accept That Every Roof is Vulnerable

Don’t assume that your type of roof is immune to storm damage. Mother nature unleashes tremendous force through wind and hail, and whether your roof is pitched or flat, made of asphalt, wood, metal, vinyl, concrete, or any other material, it is susceptible to taking a beating. Over time, conditions like wind and hail can break down a roof's membrane allowing for weaker spots to develop compounded damage where water collects and mold can grow. As each storm season passes, wear and tear on your roof can make you vulnerable to future issues and higher cost for repairs.

Be Proactive

Arrange for a Technique roofing contractor to inspect your roof before storm season gets underway. They will be able to identify vulnerabilities such as loose fasteners, a loose membrane, curled insulation, loose edge detail, or a wood nailer. Most roofs fail at the leading edge; a contractor can pay close attention to this area and recommend any needed repairs to prevent major storm-related damage later. Wind, especially, can lead to damaged roof accessories which, in turn, can account for damage or weak spots in your roof membrane. For instance, if a satellite dish is ripped off by the wind, it's likely the roof where it was attached needs attention too. 

Play it Safe

Have some major storms already passed through your area? Many building owners make the mistake of assuming their roof is okay if they don’t see any visible damage or leaks right away, or if they’re not sure, adopting a “wait and see” approach until the next storm. Don’t take the risk! Ask your roofing contractor at Technique to perform an inspection so that any damage doesn’t get worse. Hail damage in particular can go unnoticed for many months before the mechanical damage of a roof starts to show. Small "crow's feet" cracks can be addressed before they turn into larger leaking problems.

Get a Fighter in Your Corner

It’s smart not only to take initiative with inspections, but potential insurance claims as well. Insurance companies are notorious for underpaying on claims, so by teaming up with a public adjuster or a roofing contractor, you will have an advocate who can help make your case to your insurance company on your behalf.

Call your roofing team at Technique to help secure your roof before or after a storm. Get ahead of Midwest storm weather damage before larger repairs or mold remediation create a more costly issue for you and your roof. 

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