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Problems a Leaky Roof Can Cause at a Restaurant

December 07, 2020

As discretionary spending continues to shift away from tangible items toward experiences, restaurants are becoming more popular than ever. With so many choices available, it’s crucial that your establishment not only offer an enticing menu, but a clean and attractive environment people will return to again and again. How does the integrity of your roof play into your restaurant’s success? Probably more than you think! Here are a few of the ways a leaky roof can spell trouble.

Lost or Compromised Inventory

Restaurant roofs can be especially prone to leaks. Kitchen grease can overflow traps, mix with heavy rain, combine with other debris to cause clogs and backup, and eventually contribute to the breakdown of roofing materials. A resulting leak can take out several months’ worth of ingredients, dinnerware, and other restaurant supplies within minutes. 

Safety and Sanitation Risks

It goes without saying that as a restaurant owner, you hold safety and sanitation as the highest priority. Not only do you want to protect your customers and staff, but exceed government health standards as well. 

One hotel kitchen in Pennsylvania accumulated eight health violations from a leaky roof alone, including contaminated utensils, food, and equipment; roof residue on appliances, prep areas, and food contact surfaces; and even signs of soil on cooking equipment. 

Leaks in a restaurant roof aren’t always noticeable, dramatic events. Moisture build up can be especially egregious when you don’t see it, such as damp areas in out-of-the-way storage places that are perfect for drawing insects, mice, and other vermin that have no business dining at your place. 

Damaged Reputation

Dripping sounds, strategically placed buckets, brown stains on the ceilings and walls: these are surefire ways to drive customers far from your premises. A bad roof is one of the first signs an establishment has “let itself go,” and with so many enticing new restaurants opening every day, you can’t afford to put your reputation at risk.

Before thinking about replacing decor, furniture, or other items to spruce up your style—even before adding new items to your menu—ensure the basics are in excellent shape. Technique Roofing specializes in replacing and repairing commercial roofs that are safe, attractive, and cost effective for your restaurant. 

Learn More at Technique Roofing about how we can help you with your leaky roof.

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