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How to Find a Commercial Roof Leak

November 25, 2020

A roof leak may be a common occurrence, but it isn’t a minor one. When you find one leak, there’s a strong chance that additional ones, and all the damage they’re known to cause, are lurking nearby. Leaks can point to mold and mildew growth, equipment and inventory damage, fire hazards, wasted energy, and increased risk for slip and fall accidents. 

The most obvious leaks are found by locating dripping water and puddles. Odor and mold, stains and discoloration on the ceiling or walls, and general dampness inside the building are also signs. But how do you check for leaks that might not be so obvious?

Take a Systematic Approach

  1. Starting with a dry roof, clear off any existing debris, such as twigs, branches, and accumulated leaves.
  2. Examine the metal flashing, including the inner layer (step flashing) and outer layer (counter layer). Flashing, an essential part of roofing construction, is designed to collect pooling water and direct it away from areas such as chimneys, skylights, and vents.
  3. Inspect collars around plumbing vents. Ensure that the collar’s flange is in good shape, without signs of cracking or decay.
  4. Check the roof’s seams for a tight seal.
  5. Check for low spots (often indicated by concentric circles left by pools of water that dry out) and any leaks within them. 
  6. Using a garden hose, wet down your roof one section at a time and wait to see if water drips inside. This may take several hours to complete, but it’s the only way to ensure there are no hidden leaks.

Act Quickly 

If you find a leak, place a visible mark near it immediately before the area dries. Next, reduce your interior damage by moving or covering vulnerable objects or equipment. Place buckets to collect water as needed, and tape plastic sheets to walls to protect them if the water leaks along the walls. Finally, let your employees know about the leaks and place warning signs as necessary. 

Get Help from Professionals 

Once you have located and contained the leaks in your commercial roof, it’s time to call professional contractors to finish the job. Attempting to fix the damage yourself can be dangerous or even exacerbate the problem.

The commercial roofing specialists at Technique Roofing Systems provide free consultations to help you determine whether your roof needs to be repaired or replaced. As a Technique Roofing customer, you will receive free annual inspections to uncover issues with your roof before they become unmanageable, protecting your property and employees while saving you from hours of work. 

Learn More about spotting leaks in your commercial roof and what you can do about it.

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